Asherons Call: CLAN Z PRESENTS: Frostfell 24 Hour Trivia Bash on the 28th


Who? Everyone on Frostfell

What? Random Trivia Questions (including 120 AC Trivia Questions)

Where? #clanZTrivia (irc.stratics.com 6667), accessible via IRC or the Clan Plugin

When? All Day Saturday August 28, 2004, from Midnight to Midnight PST (Time Zone Converter)

Why? So, now you are asking yourself, why would I want to compete in this? Well, you will learn lots of useless information, you have the chance of UBER LEWT GIVE AWAYS, and THE TOP TRIVIA JOCKS WILL WIN PRIZES!

At Midnight on Sunday morning the scores will be compiled over the 24 hour period and the winners will be posted.

1) 200 Plats
2) 150 Plats
3) 100 Plats
4) 50 Plats
5) 25 Plats
6) 25 Plats
7) 20 Plats
8) 10 Plats
9) 10 Plats
10) 10 Plats

Special Note: Zuizide Members who place will win an extra 25 plats!

There are many ways to connect to IRC, here are a few choices:

    [li][A href=”http://s90114452.onlinehome.us/meginjarder.html”]Clan Plugin[/a] – Don’t have to be in Zuizide to use the chat portions. On the IRC tab, find #clanZTrivia and check ON.
    [li]mIRC – Connect to irc.stratics.com, port 6667, and join #clanZTrivia.
    [li]Stratics Web-Based Chat – Must have Java enabled, choose a name (must use the same name each time you connect) and connect to #clanZTrivia.

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