Asherons Call: CLAN Z PRESENTS: The Resting Place Quest on Sunday

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Sprawl of Frostfell says:

Looks like we got another gem quest this month. I’ve begun to develop this love/hate relationship with them. They are great to run, easy on me since I can gather where I please, but annoying to camp the gems hour upon hour. I think for this last gem, it took me seven hours til it dropped. I really do not have a knack for these rare drops so once again, anyone that is able to provide a gem on this quest will be moved to the front of the line. They drop on Phantasms which will be present throughout the quest dungeon.


A great quest. If the amazing hookable animated coffin wasn’t enough to attend, a hookable map hinting at a possibility for a game expansion and a Grave Robber title are awaiting.

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