Asherons Call: Creature Feature: The Snowman


Only a handful of Snowmen have been seen wandering throughout Dereth, ranging from the little, good snowman to the impressively large, incredibly vicious Abominable Snowman. Those who have met up with these creatures and dispatched them, have found that their remains can be used for a variety of activities. Poofy snowballs are useful for a good snowball fight, while magic iceballs are prized by cooks for making tasty frozen treats! If you’re lucky enough to find a lump of coal, you should visit the Blind Snowman, and see if you can help him see the light!

But that’s not all. Dereth is full of wonders! There is an entire community of Frozen Folk, named Frost Haven. Stop by, visit with The Mayor, and see what you can do to help out the town.

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