Our very own Optim Shi has updated his Creature Mapper tool! This tool is a stand-alone program, working from the data collected by the Navi III plugin to produce a customizable map of creature spawns. Instructions are included with the download for generating fresh data from Navi III’s output.

This version adds the following:

  • Added Species Filter
  • Added “Draw All” Option (Good for displaying all of a species, or even every spawn in the database! It can be time consuming…)
  • Fixed a bug in locales that use a comma for the decimal seperator (Thanks Wolfpaw of Wintersebb!)

The updated download can be found here.

Also, while you’re out and about investigating the changes this month has brought to Dereth’s fauna, please submit screenshots of any changed monster attributes or appearances to our Patch Tree. Submissions will be transferred from there to our Compendium with full credit – so this is your chance to become immortalized in the pages of our Creature Compendium!

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