You say, “What is your RL name?”
Colors says, “Wayne”

You say, “How long have you been in AC?”
Colors says, “Around May 2000”

You say, “How did you come to join us in the world of Dereth, or who brought you into dereth?”
Colors says, “I was told about Asheron’s Call by my real life cousin. He got me hooked and I have been ever since.”

You say, “What is your most vivid memory, good or bad, from playing AC?”
Colors says, “That’s a hard one. Probably way back in the day at Al-Jalima when the group was forming to kill BZ. I was too low of a level to go along but I was there to cheer them on.”
You say, “I would have liked to seen that myself.”

You say, “So why did you choose the name colors?”
Colors says, “Colors is the name that I have used in role-playing games of all forms since I can remember. He is me and I am him. He’s grown to be a large part of my life. The way I came up with the name is odd. I enjoy wearing eccentric T-shirts and one of my best friends dubbed me “Colors” because of it “

You say, “What Dereth City would you say was your first Hometown?”
Colors says, “My first hometown was Yaraq. It is where I found my first patron Blaq Stormfist. It was also the place that I hunted in my low levels at the “Yaraq Cows”.”
You say, “Yes, I remember the cows”

You say, “What do you think is the BEST thing to have happened to Asheron’s Call, and the worst?
Colors says, “The best thing has to be the change in the time that it takes to buff. I love how it takes me only a minute to get ready instead of 7 or more. Gives me more time to play. The worst thing is also to do with buffing. It’s probably just me, but I miss the old component style spell learning. It was fun, and one of the more unique things AC had going for it.”
You say, “I can agree with that I have a mage on MT I am still shocked”

You say, “How has PK been a part of your experience in Dereth?”
Colors says, “I have not done much PK. I tried for a bit, but my lack of l33t skillz held me back. I PKL for fun every now and then, but not often.”

You say, “If you could remake -any- existing quest, which one would it be, and what would you change?”
Colors says, “You have some hard ones too don’t you 😀 let me think on that a min”
You say, “ok take your time”
Colors says, “I’m cheating polling the masses on /a”
You say, “nothing wrong with that”
Colors says, “After talking it over in /a, we believe that Bo Bo’s Rewards are not worth the time after the recall. Countless times have I only received 250k in war. Which is not worth the time and effort of running Bo bo. Some of the rewards are good, but the frequency makes it not worth the effort most of the time.”

You say, “So you would change the rewards?”
Colors says, “Yes I would change the rewards in some way to make them worth the time it takes to do the quest. Sure if I get one of the good ones it’s worth it, but some of the rewards are not.”

You say, “How has your role as a monarch changed the way you enjoy Dereth?”
Colors says, “Becoming a monarch is one of the best things that I did. I enjoyed being in monarchies so much that I found myself wanting to have my own. So I told my patron of 4 years I wanted to start a monarchy and off I went. I began with only 2 followers then blossomed to over 1000. Then I had a RL issue that pulled me away from AC for a few months. I came back to no clan and no mansion. I had my heart set on staying a monarch, so I began to rebuild. Number of followers means nothing to me as a monarch. Its quality more than quantity to me. When I returned, Mykell contacted me on the VN boards and asked me if I was still going to be a monarch if his wife and him could help me rebuild. They had met me in real life at Turbine Nation this past August and enjoyed my company so they wanted to join my family. At this time we are still small but growing fast.”

You say, “What Monster would you say is your archenemy?”
Colors says, “The monster I hate the most being a Mage has to be Crystal Lords. With those Dragons at Caul being a close second.”

You say, “What one piece of advice would you give someone who has just arrived in Dereth?”
Colors says, “Ask questions, and lots of them, but try not to Spam them. People will help you if you have a positive attitude and ask in a polite manner. Find a patron who will help you. AC to me is not as newbie friendly as I would like, most everything I learned was from another person lending me a helping hand.”

You say, “What keeps you returning to the world of Dereth?”
Colors says, “I love being able to come in game anytime and find a familiar face. Most AC players are a joy to be around in game and out. I have made many lasting friendships. AC players are very caring and look out for each other, proof of this is shown when in April of this year I had three deaths in my family. AC players on the VN boards, and in game were a great support for me. I’m not sure how I would have made it through without some of them. I was in game on Lady A at the time of the first death in that trio, and all I can remember is telling the clan about the death, and the support that followed.”

You say, “What is your personal Opinion of Exp. Chains, And should they be Reinstated in AC?”
Colors says, “I did not like or dislike Exp. chains. If that was your play style so be it. Sure it made some of us not up to par, but then we stick as a group as they did. I can see a good and a bad side to them being re instated. But the reinstatement sure wouldn’t help the UCM issues.”

You say, “Where do you see the future of AC going?”Colors says, “From attending three Asheron’s Call Players Luncheons and one Turbine Nation. I see AC continuing strong. Turbine is a great group of people who are behind their game. AC is their baby and they are not going to let it die without a fight. They love it too much as do the players. The expansion pack proves that they are willing to keep the AC franchise going. Now that it’s out of Microsoft’s hands, I have more faith in AC staying alive. As long as there are players like me there will be an AC. We can’t wait to recruit the new player base too. Fresh players to add to our family. We love the thought.”

You say, “What makes your Guild different from the others?”
Colors says, “[Allegiance] Mykell says, “we have a caring monarch””
Colors says, “[Allegiance] Death’s Desire says, “a great leader who cares””
Colors says, “lol”
Colors says, “Now to paraphrase it :-)”
Colors says, “Well, like I said earlier we are currently rebuilding. I asked over /a what people thought made this clan different from others and the consensus was that they have a monarch who cares about what is going on and listens to them. But is not afraid to have fun at the same time. We try to quest nightly, and share the responsibility of the clan throughout its members. So none of us get burnt out. They also said that their monarch is willing to stand by them and our morals as a clan till the end. Boy do I love them “

You say, “And in closing who would you like to see Interviewed?”
Colors says, “I would like to see The Bigger Unit or Sun Gin (my neighbor) Interviewed.”

You say, “I would like to thank you for your time, both of those fine people have been added to my list”

If anyone is interested in finding out more about Colors and His fine Monarchy feel free to visit their allegiance website at: or contact Colors directly in game or e-mail him at [email protected]

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