You say, “How long have you been playing AC?”

Alzuron says, “4 years total, had the first 2 years were hit and miss do to dial up connection was not good for me and AC”

You say, “What is the meaning/origin (if any) of your main avatars name?”

Alzuron says, “It is a spin off of a childhood game we used to play”
You say, “May I ask what game?”

Alzuron says, “Sure, a friend of mine and I convinced his little brother there was a space station underneath his house and the leaders name was Zuldar. Alzuron was Zuldars side kick 2nd in command”

You say, “How did you come to join us in the world of Dereth?”

Alzuron says, “I was very into a game called Rainbow Six, we had a guild there named the WolfPack. The leader of that guild invited me to purchase AC and join him and the rest is history”

You say, “Besides AC, what other types of games do you enjoy?”

Alzuron says, “Diablo II, Rainbow Six, and Halo usually Action Role Playing games”

You say, “What is the first Big adventure in AC you recall that you participated in?”

Alzuron says, “Hmmm hard to say really, I know the one that sticks out in my mind was the first time I was able to complete the Gman quest and not die in the processes.”

You say, “What do you think is the BEST thing to have happened to Asheron’s Call, and the worst, if any?”

Alzuron says, “I think the research elimination with the Foci and prismatic taper had to be one of the best things they have done to the game make it more enjoyable.”

You say, “and the worst?”

Alzuron says, “The dynamics with the patron vassal thing seemed to be out of whack from he beginning, was glad to see them fix it, but think they waited to long. I believe that has hurt the role playing some.”

You say, “What is your most coveted item currently in Dereth and how did you acquire it?”

Alzuron says, “The greatest thing I have right now is Acolytes of Asheron our guild. I am blessed with he opportunity to be at the helm while Mistikal takes a break. This Guild has been through so much and always pulls the strength and resources to make us stronger in the end”

You say, “Is Mistikal coming back?”

Alzuron says, “It is my understanding he is returning, just time frame unknown”

You say, “What are your three most memorable moments in AC? Good Bad and funny?”

Alzuron says, “Funniest moment was trying to be a hero and help someone recover a body in Grendaline Consulate and dying because I forgot to buff, lol I was level 100 hahahaha”
Alzuron says, “Good moment was when I met my Patron here in real life. We had a blast.”
Alzuron says, “and the worst moment or saddest was when Mystikal stated he needed to take a break and he asked me to step in while he did so. That is kinda catch 22 there because Mistikal is an awesome leader and friend. I was excited a the opportunity but sadden at his absence he was proposing”

You say, “I understand you just took the helm of AoA but so far how has your role as a monarch changed the way you enjoy Dereth?”

Alzuron says, “Yes, I enjoy reading the interaction (positive) of the guild, watching the interact with one another as well as other guilds. Being able to help them when called on. Feels much more satisfying and appreciated”

You say, “What is your favorite quest and why?”

Alzuron says, “Well depends on which role I’m in, I love taking that fresh toon on the Gardner pincer and watching his eyes as he levels twice off the pincer, however,personally I love the Gman quest now since you have to kill him to get the spoils. It is challenging as a leader as well as a follower in the fellowships and requires teamwork and attention”

You say, “If you left Ac now how do you think you would be remembered?”

Alzuron says, “Well I hope I would be remembered as FUN, carefree, guild oriented, but most of all FUN person to hang out with. I think I would be remembered that way”

You say, “What is the One creature is your Archenemy and why?”

Alzuron says, “Those pesky Virindi when I was smaller, I think I gave more lives to them than any creature in Dereth”

You say, “How do you feel about the evolution of Asheron’s Call?”

Alzuron says, “Expansion?”

You say, “from the start until now”

Alzuron says, “Ahhh, the ride has been fun. Sometimes a little rocky but over all challenging and fun.”

You say, “What sets the your allegiance apart from the others?”

Alzuron says, “The dedication of our people to not only the AoA but to one another. You would be hard stretched to find another guild willing to do for one another as these people are.”

You say, “Here is a hot question”
You say, “With the New MMPORGS and the Expansion pack on it’s way, Where do you see your Monarchy/Player Base in the future?”

Alzuron says, “Well, from the sounds of the expansion and the way the development team is selling it to us, the current base players, I think there will be a new growth in the base numbers. I think we will lose a few older members but gain more new then we lost by the time it’s all done and said”
You say, “I hope they bring it with a large marketing push”
Alzuron says, “agreed”

You say, “So when Mistikal returns you have any further Monarchy plans?”
You say, “sorry gotta ask it”

Alzuron says, “I am AoA and will remain so. Mistikal as I said is an outstanding leader and I will remain loyal to AoA so long as it remains in place regardless of leadership”

You say, “What is your personal opinion of XP Chains, Should they be brought back?”

Alzuron says, “I would like to see them change the fellowship XP rather than bring back XP chain dynamics. Allowing larger fellows, and increasing the % would, IMHO encourage more interaction and role playing which is what the game was designed for not massive leveling. However, people will always find away to exploit things no matter what.”

You say, “Do you feel A chat has been good or bad for the game”

Alzuron says, “I think over all it’s been good, since they included the ability to squelch it. I believe it is over used at the moment”

You say, “This last question is perhaps the hardest……”
You say, “Who would you like to see Interviewed?”

Alzuron says, “Hmmm that is requiring some thought”
Alzuron says, “Not sure I have an answer for it. I would like to hear the marketing strategy for the expansion pack”
You say, “I can try to do that.”[

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