Turbine is bringing the Grandfather of all Fantasy Roleplaying games to the arena of MMORPG’s. E3 saw the announcement of a new D&D game in the works so its time to start dusting off all those AD&D Player manuals and get the dice out of the fish bowl.

IGN.com has more information for you, here’s a teaser:

May 19, 2003 – There are few games that people would like to see made into a massively multiplayer online role-playing game more than Dungeons and Dragons. For decades, this pen and paper RPG has captivated gamers everywhere. MUDs allowed these people the opportunity to port the experience to the PC. Since then, game after game has come out utilizing concepts that Dungeons and Dragons started. Finally, after years of clamoring, what may possibly be the biggest announcement to come out of E3, Dungeons and Dragons Online was announced.

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