The High Queen is seeking aid to defend sacred relics from the hands of Gaerlen and his minions on the world of Shadowclaim.

[i]Elysa Strathelar tells you “I have come to ask your assistance. Gaerlan may have been trapped by Nuhmudira’s dire magics, but he still has allies in this world.

They are collecting relics that can make Gaerlan powerful again. They have already found one that has released him from his prison.

Now they search for a senond relic that will grant Gaerlan immense power. But! Asheron has foreseen this, and is securing his relic even as we speak.

Asheron will be returning tomorrow. He needs us to protect it and to keep it from Gaerlan. Gaerlan will be able to sense it, and he will come after it!!

I am here to gather troops. Who will help me protect this relic from Gaerlan. It must not fall into his hands!

When Asheron returns tomorrow, he will secret the relic and then summon us to protect it. Will you join me? Will you help stymie Gaerlin?

I will accept your vows of allegience. Go forth and gather more troops! I will call on you tomorrow when we are ready for battle!”

[/i]So speaks our Queen in a desperate plea for aid from the brave defenders of Dereth!

Come to the Shadow realm and aid in staving off Gaerlan’s return to power!!

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