This week is a -very- special week at Warcry’s Crossroads of Dereth. It’s FIGHT WEEK!.

Each day over the next few days you will be the ones deciding who will win a dual between two of your favorite ‘boss’ creatures, in an old-school set of elimination rounds.


Round One was between Lady Aerfalle and Mowen Udaun.

You chose Mowen Udaun as the baddest baddie by a narrow margin.


Round Two was between Gaerlan and Martine

You chose Martine overhwelmingly as the winner of that round.


Round Three

Ancient Olthoi Queen

To many she’s just legend, but that legend is one of terror and horrors like never before seen in Dereth.


Pookie the White Rabbit*

Feared by many, respected by all, don’t let his unassuming nature fool you for one moment.

Click on name for stats!
* Please note that while it is well documented that Pookie ultimately gets his revenge by killing the one who slays him, this is about who would slay the other first.

So VOTE NOW for who YOU think would win a dual between these two contenders. Don’t forget to check back each day this week for new bouts between your favourite ‘boss’ creatures!

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