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  • What Killean did was ask almost everyone in the allegiance to go red. I was not in on this at the time but I’m not sure I would have gone along with it if I did. They ended up with a horde of PK players. I never got a count but it was somewhere between 40 and 100.

    Imagine if you will them sweeping through a town. At the time you saw maybe one PK player a day. There were no subway fights. Those that were PK did not attack on sight. Things were rather pleasant compared to a short while ago.

    There was one time when Requiem tried to stand up to this army. The fighting was chaotic to say the least. I think as many people were killed by friendly fire as not. It was my honor to have observed this battle.

    In the end Requiem was swept from the field and a truce was agreed on. Places were off limits for fighting and the join or die was dropped. There was one other big PK event but that was the last big allegiance war I know of. In fact I think it was the only real war there ever was.

    The Requiem/Killean war was over issues. The results of the war solved most of them, if only for a short while. Most so called wars we have seen are arranged events done more for fun than to affect anything. I would rather think of them as jousts than wars.

    Fist de Yuma, December 16, 2003

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