Asherons Call: Fist de Tuesday

This article is over 20 years old and may contain outdated information

The trials and tribulations of Fist de Yuma continue in his latest weekly installment:

  • This and that
  • Sick as a dog
  • Scroll of Dark Rain
  • Sea stories
  • Damage types
  • State of PK on DT by Shizzuh
  • I got information last week that Dark Inferno’s could be found along the Plains River. This is the river that flows around the Obsidian Plains. It is a rather strange river in that is flows in a circle but a land with magic will have some strange things.

    To test this out I buffed up Fist Sunday morning and ran there. The first thing I saw was a Dark Myrmidom. While close it is a Dark Inferno that I need. I ran around the total river picking a few fights but mostly running. I found two more groups of Dark Myrmindom’s so whoever advised me about getting the scroll there might have mistaken it for a Dark Inferno. I hope they are wrong as Fist is not made for OP.

    It is hard to tell because the current line on a Dark Inferno is they are all over the dires. Personal experience tells me they are only on the Plains.

    You can read the whole article here: Fist de Yuma, November 18, 2003

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