And this time he sends a teaser:

[i]As per last time I got us lost in the first part. I know my error now and will stop repeating it. At one part there are three rooms. You have to enter from the left or right edge room to the center room and double back to a hallway. I would always pass through the middle room and double back to the wrong hall. Now that I understand where I was going wrong this part should be easy.

The biggest frustration with being lost there of course was the Golems. Even with a fair amount of magic defense taking on more than one could get iffy. As there are a lot of places with four or more and you really have to be on your toes. A few chain casts by multiple monsters and you could be starting over.

Maddie got her key and we raced off to the next section. My RR weapon was working great. Even when Maddie could not land Imperil the Olthoi did not last long. We quickly followed the catwalk to the end and got the helm.

[/i]You can read it all [A href=”″ target=”_blank”]here[/a].

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