It’s Tuesday, so we all know what that means, right? Fist de Yuma has once again updated his journal!

Even though the first Drudge had retreated off my radar screen this was a mistake. Drudges will return all the way to their spawn site and then get pissed enough to return to the attack. By attacking the second one before I was sure the first was not coming back I insured me a battle of two on one.

I knew this would be hard but I had a weapon that would turn the battle in my favor. First I hit a dispel gem as the Virindi still had a few spells on me that would make this a lot more dangerous.

A full list of topics this week include: This and that, Choices, New route to Vod, Quest, Solo North VoD, Return to North ML, Solo North ML. As always, you can find Fist de Yuma’s Journal over on the Olthoi’s Lair at Cracked Nuts.

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