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  • So while everyone was leaving I was running around looking for something to kill and loot. There are a few Olthoi in acid pits. There are ones in the lower left hand section. Some of these are very small and the Olthoi in them have no trouble coming out to die. At the very bottom is a pit with two walls that trap the majority of the Olthoi inside the pit.

    What we end up doing is advancing into the pit until they come out from behind the walls and them rush to the hallway. With 33 points a shot from acid damage it is important to get out fast.

    I did this trick and was in the hallway. Then I was snapped back to the inside front of the pit with a wall of Olthoi in front of me. Oh oh. I ran around a bit and got out, and was snapped back. Now I was down to a handful of points. I tried to suck an elixir but was hit by an acid blast that finished me off.

    I had my first death. It had to happen sometime and I guess and it is typical of the game that it was caused by lag. My only losses were my helm, some mana stones and a few loot items. Given that they don’t hit the head that was not a problem.

    Read all about it here.

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