This week’s Fist de Yuma:

  • This and That
  • Bad timing
  • Frustrating Morning
  • Three goal morning
  • Must have program
  • Frustrating evening
  • Great timing
  • Dark Essence runs
  • Goodbye to those that must leave
  • I guess it is a sign of the times that the worse places of yesteryear are
    considered almost safe today. We just got a warning from Turbine not to log
    out in Caul before the patch because it is about to become nasty.

    When Caul was first put in there was no harder place to hunt. It is still
    one of the hardest but many players have surpassed the monsters to the point
    where it is no real danger. A good example is the Dark Essence quest.

    60lv players are making the run through Caul with little risk. When Caul
    came out the very top players were giving a chance to run through it. I only
    know of two who succeeded. That is not two on our server but two in the
    entire game! Even with the monsters being upgraded since then few fear Caul.

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