Asherons Call: Fistilations


The ongoing trials, tribulations, and tales of Fist de Yuma:

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  • Disturbing trend
  • Computer problems
  • Irritating
  • VoD
  • Computer named
  • Matron with Mage
  • Deadeye in Matron
  • VoD adventure
  • DT Posters
  • Who is allowed on DT
  • That flaw in our teamwork cost me in one battle. We hit a group of Virnidi Q
    ‘s. With each targeting a different one we had all three attack us. I was
    resolved to just battle mine for a while. MT was keeping me healed so I felt

    There are times when no amount of healing is enough to keep you alive. I’m
    sure I had about every de-buff you can have on me. I was hit with a War
    spell that did a lot of damage. With VII de-buffs over my VII buffs I’m
    taking full damage from War spells. MT healed me and to be on the safe side
    I hit heal.

    I got another War blast or two. My heal hit and one more from MT. Still that
    was not enough as I took another War or two that sent me to the LS. I’m
    thinking one, two or even all three of the Virindi had me targeted. After my
    de-buffs I resist their spells more often than not so it had to be one or
    both of the other two who killed me.

    Read Fist de Yuma, January 27, 2004

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