imageI think we’ve been ignoring one of the most important categories of questors in our weekly FCLFQ — the new character, especially ones disdaining power-levelling. For both of you, this is the perfect quest!

In the deep, dark, ancient past of AC (that is, three years ago) new characters looked for tasks and quests to learn the ropes of Dereth; what attacks were best against what monsters, dungeon navigation, melee versus mage versus archer tactics, and so forth. Along with the Starter Quests in the low-level towns, there were additional quests that were a bit harder … and rewarded you with much more experience.

The quest for the Ice Tachi near Shoushi is one of these. With some care, a beginning (level 5) character can … probably finish it without dying … too many times. In my opinion, this is a great test of your abilities as a player: can you take a new character and get the Ice Tachi yourself, without any help (i.e., BUFFS) from anyone else?

Give the Quest for the Green Mire Camp – The Ice Tachi a try!

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