I gotta post something.


I’m still away most of the time, though I’m trying to follow what’s going, play when I can.

Leaves me with very little to write about.

…as if it makes a difference.

I’m a daddy now.

Bronze Frost Takuba

Special Properties: Cold Rending, Retained

This item has been tinkered 6 times.

Last Tinkered by Mesun

Imbued by Mesun

Workmanship: Nearly Flawless (6)

24.6-41 Cold

Bonus to Melee Defense +8%

Bonus to Attack Skill +10%

Speed: Very Fast (0)

Uses Sword Skill

…I’ll stop short of assigning it a gender or name… humanizing it as much as I am already is creepy enough.

As I kill things with it.


That’s probably my only success in ten or so tries; counting the salvage I’ve given up on beforehand and traded or given away…

I got no problem with that, though.

As I see it, if imbuing was easier, there’d be more imbued weapons out there, we’d be more powerful, as a group.

Then they’d be made more powerful, through some rebalancing or just the introduction of a nasty new breed of armoredillo.

And, uh, “junior” there wouldn’t have as much bite.

That’s what I tell myself, anyhow.

The other issue with all that new tinkering (other’n that you “need” seven resistance rending wands… bah…) was the quantity.

More viable tinkers is more bags of salvage, many more pieces of salvageables, and much less loot.

I assume that’s leveled out a bit since…

It’s stragedy, eh?

Money or salvage, what salvage, and that…

But I’ve been thinkin’, dreamin’ of a nice change to salvaging (for me); have it changed to base skill.

So, no bothering with buffs, debuffs, vitae and other nonsense… out there and you want to salvage, you salvage.

…if you know how, of course…

Lower the skill check, because of the loss of buffs, focus stones… though not assuming everyone has a set of major cantrips, or maybe level seven buffs…

But only salvaging.

Tinkering should require some sort of effort… and if someone puts in extra effort, they should do better.

What I’m saying is salvaging isn’t fun.

It isn’t hard.

It’s just an annoyance.

[B]I tinkered my greaves[/b].

Those, too, were one of the small annoyances that make you just a bit more tired than you need to be.

Simple enough, they were melee covenant greaves with a missile requirement on the magic.

I could activate ’em, but someone had to buff me a bit first.

I hate that.

Worse, I had outgrown them.

They had an impenetrability spell on ’em I’d rather keep, but other’n that only quickness four or some nonsense.

Nothing more than a “surpassed by” message when I put ’em on.

I’ve been looking for a new pair for months, maybe some nice run/jump buffs, but nothin’.

So, last week, “screw it”, I says, and dig out some copper.

Good, low quality greaves; good, high quality salvage, no previous tinkers, simple enough.

I got all buffed up (hate that too), took out my minors and my focus stone…

A nice, deep breath… and ruined ’em.

Gone, gone…

Lost greaves spoil a suit of covenant armor; my boots went fine over the “bare” bellbottoms I was now wearing, though my tassets turned this angry green.

And, of course, the possibility of being killed by a good hit to the shins.

Damn it all, damn it all.

Rest of the suit’s pointless now, ‘aint it?

So I dump all my valuable junk at home, head out to pay the drunken madman a visit.

…meant to go red to find my value anyway (1,914 XP it turns out), might as well have some fun with it.

[font color=”FF1a1a” size=”14″]Bwar, I’m EEEVIL!!!

.[/font]. .

Next few hours were surprisingly uneventful.

Only thirty or forty or so deaths…

I won’t bother going into details… I don’t remember much of it anyway—

…deep, deep down there at the bottom of the game, I’m sure, rests some bizarre mechanic that makes your pants, though they were plain starter-pants and “covered” to the best of my current ability, drop just a bit too frequently.

Couldn’t figure out what was happening there… just ran like hell back to the corpse… thankfully, those ones weren’t looted.

Next day was the cleanup.

Unfortunately, the pile of bodies in my basement failed to rot overnight (testing the corpse “spam” restrictions; I’m good for 15+, then I got bored), so I had to get rid of them.

Then disposing of the frying pans and leather gauntlets I was using as death items.

Then re-equipping myself best I could; there were a few minor trinkets I haven’t managed to find yet…

Got replacement greaves (I was the victim of an allegiance broadcast), dyed ’em pretty quick… nice greaves, too; still more “surpasses” messages, but they could give me some flexibility in the future.

Copper went on fine.

After all that, it was surprisingly painless.

Besides the broadcast.

Then vitae.

…say it’s too easy these days, fine, but forty still has it’s challenges.

And WaiJhou is still a very nice place at forty… as nice as it was when I was an uber gimp, and stuff like weapons and armor were luxuries… ah, the memories…

…memories, yes.

I forgot to replace any death items, so first time I was killed I dropped half my armor.

Second time I was killed went the other half.

Third time, there go my pants again…

Back and forth for a while ( I didn’t have money for any new death items), then my stuff’s back, but that’s as far as I got… real life bit back and I was gone another week or something…

That lifestone protection doesn’t last near long enough.

[B]There’s a six-legged spider on the floor in the bathroom[/b].

I think, what in my house is mean enough to cost that spider two legs.

Then I think, this will make a good ending.

And then I think, why?

[b]–BBQ Bob[/b]

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