GameSpy has released a list of their top 25 Most Memorable Games.
I’m not at all surprised to find Asheron’s Call on that list.

24. Asheron’s Call

Now, we’re not saying that Asheron’s Call was the best massively multiplayer game released since October of ’99. But this one does hold a special place in our hearts from its impact on the early days of the site. It was the first MMOG released after went live, the first one that we all played as a group for hours on end long after the sun went down. It’s also fair to say that it helped shape the site: our goofy Asheron’s Call pieces (check out our hauntingly beautiful poetry) helped set the tone for how our coverage would be a little different than what else is out there. But it’s the long nights playing this game together over the speaker phone that really stick out for us.

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