Asherons Call: Haiku Week! Day 6

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From Flamandria of Thistledown

Feral Carenzi,
We’ld praise their loot in Haiku
If only we remembered how many syllables there were supposed to be in the last line.

Vagabond I am,
Bold and Stalwart Character.
Real toons use dagger!

From Null of Harvestgain

New Server Opens!
Drudges scatter.
Rabbits and Cows die.

From Ibn Schachabo

the swarms of olthoi
fall, fall, fall and yet return
where is their lifestone

new portal beckons
uncertain hesitation
and then it is gone

simulacrum walk
speak in deceptive voices
the virindi lie

From Dakini of Solclaim

Over the shoulder
Of Shoyanen’s well trod ridge
Shining sea bows deep

“Glenden Wood”
You’re called when that shrew
Rants “Don’t ruin your weapon”
And you smile, “I’m home”

All new blood has flown
No thick crowd at the archmage
Long tavern shadow

Lonely I found you
Virgin slopes set up behind
Bloodstain, Sho Roadside

Seems lifetimes ago
First steps as a vagabond
Got me killed near you

From Bran-Li of Leafcull

Stand in Marketplace.
Is a Swarthy robe for sale?
You must be dreaming!

And From Eigil of Harvestgain

Leafcull afternoon
Mountains north of Qal’abar
A glowing sunset.

Winter near Mayoi
Sudden spawn on the snow slope
Good Fortune! dye plant.

Cherry red breastplate
Green helm and purple leggings
I’m “Fashion Felony.

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