Are there really enough creatures on Dereth to drop all that armor? ::wink:: I know what you’re thinking. “Why yes, Bran-Li, there are!”

Okay, okay, so you’re right! BUT, I can’t hunt them all myself. Heck, some of them I couldn’t even hunt, if I had to do it.

Pause: for an awful VoD flashback…

You guys are always so good to me, sending the stuff to the patchtree in record time and I want you to know I APPRECIATE that! So, with that in mind, I just wanted to ask…can you send me some more stuff? LOL!

Something new, something you’ve never seen before, something old, something you’ve noticed missing from the armor compendium. In other words, HELP!

So, if you run across armor and you’d like me to see it too, just pop it off to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include your name, so I can put it up in lights!

Oh and thanks, really. You guys are AWESOME!

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