I’ve looked high and low and I just can’t find these pieces! So, kind readers, would you, could you…check your mules, your mains, you’re boyfriend’s, best friend’s, cousin’s house? *grin*

Oooh, maybe Guildmates? Someone, somewhere has to have these and I’d be ever so grateful and really loud about my “Thank Yous!” if you’d send them along to us. Here’s the list…

Missing Sharded GSX:
Hardened Celdon Breastplate
Brilliant Celdon Sleeves
Searing Koujia Breastplate
Frosty Koujia Sleeves
Brilliant Koujia Leggings
Frosty Koujia Leggings
Plated Koujia Leggings

C’mon guys…I don’t want to have to resort to milk cartons and wanted posters. LOL! *wink*

Email Bran Thanks Trai! *smacks head*

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