HAHA! Bet you guys thought I forgot this on Wednesday, huh? NO WAY! There’s just so much new armor, I thought a nice lazy Saturday might be better to update you on the armor I’m still hunting for the compendium.

You guys have been a great help! Here’s what’s left from all my lists:

Beltsora’s Pretty Shirt
Missle Defense Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo
Spear Tattoo
Luminescent Runic Helm
Frosty Celdon Bresatplate
Hardened Celdon Breastplate
Brilliant Celdon Sleeves
Frosty Koujia Sleeves
Brilliant Koujia Leggings
Frosty Koujia Leggings
Plated Koujia Leggings
Sollerets of Grace

Okay, I think that’s it for now. All help is appreciated. I’m hoping I don’t have to start putting milk cartons around Dereth with “Have you seen this armor” on them! *wink*

[link= mailto:[email protected]] SEND BRAN THE MISSING ARMOR [/LINK]

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