The Happy Clapper sent in word of a new website devoted to vendors around Dereth! Whether you are looking to maximize your profit, purchase cheap trade skill supplies, or find out what you can do with your lockpick skill, this is the place!

Don’t think you are getting enough money for loot and there might be a vendor nearby out there who pays more?

Spending too much money making arrows and think there might be a cheaper supplier?

Just trained lockpick and can’t find someone to sell you an Intricate Carving Tool?

Visit http://AcVendor.TheHappyClapper.Com for the answers to all these questions and more. ACVendor is a searchable database of the vendors of Dereth containg towns, locations, buy rates, sell rates and even the items regularly stocked by each vendor.

– The Happy Clapper

A job well done! Thanks for sharing!

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