Asherons Call: HG-TS (Harvestgain – Trade Service) Open for Business

A little bit about the new service:

As most of you know, AC is full of people that find it a lot of fun to cheat, scam and steal from others. Turbine can’t do anything about it, since it is a game and playing a thief isn’t against the rules as long as it is ingame stuff they steal.

So it is time for us to take such matters into our own hands here on Harvestgain (HG), and hopefully some day we can move on to the other worlds and show them our plans.

Therefore I (ed: jessica six) have formed the HG Trade service, not to get in the limelight but to help people around HG with safe trades, deals, tinkers, trade skills and other things that can be unsafe with people you dont trust.

The Trade Service Agents (TSAs), are not randomly picked, but are people that are generally well known on HG or are at least known for never stealing, cheating, or scamming anyone.

Please remember that TSAs are only human. We can’t give a 100% promise that all the people who become TSAs are honorable and of a good heart, since nothing is ever 100% safe. However we promise to do our best to screen prospective TSAs. And should it ever happen that one of our agents has a change of heart, we will will not take it lightly. We would revoke their TSA status and work hard to retrive any items posibly lost and to make sure that such actions are well know to all players on HG.

To this end, the first round of people who have been accepted as TSAs are well known players such as Monarchs, well known board trolls, very trusted friends of a well known person, and a few others. So if we’ve done our job, we are very close to 100% trustable.

There have been other attemps to make trade services since the original FTF closed down. Unfotunately, none of them have surivived, we hope to change that trend. So please, spread the word around, and stop by our message board and see what we’re about.

If you have any questions about all this, please feel free to post here, on the message board or leave a PM to me or any of the high council members on the message board.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope we will be a service to you some day.

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