Asherons Call: Ibn on the current status of the servers


Toshiro Hasa-Gawa of Solclaim pointed that Ibn has updated the information on the currect server issue:

This is the current situation:

The database farm for Solclaim, Leafcull, Thistledown and Frostfell has experienced a major systems failure.

Right now we are working on recovering the last good data from the servers. If that is successful, characters on these worlds will be saved as they were at 7AM EDT today. If it is not, they will be rolled back to approximately 7AM EDT yesterday — Sunday July 26.

We should know within the next two hours whether the recovery is successful and thus how long the rollback will be.

Once we have finished this process and know how long the rollback will be, we will begin bringing the worlds back up. I’ll be able to post more information on how long this will take once the data recovery is complete.

We apologize for this unintended downtime, and we are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Alex “Ibn” Beckers
AC1 Online Community Relations

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