You’ve all heard of him, a few unlucky souls have met him… and now we have him! Mwuhahahahahahahahaha!

Um. Sorry about that. I get a little carried away sometimes. Anyhow, Indel the Isparian has agreed to join us as a columnist! The records of his first two encounters here on Dereth have been posted, and can be found here – if you’ve not read of his encounters before, now’s the time to do so.

Swordfighter’ II says, “hey man, can u buff me”
Indel says, “What? You want something of me? My powers are great. “
Swordfighter’ II says, “yeah, some buffs to hunt with – or just PL me”
Indel says, “Buffs? I’m sorry, the art of waxing is unknown to me. ‘Pee El’ is not either.”

Look for Indel’s latest adventures to appear here on WCoD soon!

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