Nyneve writes:

This Isparian Living is a rewrite of a column entry which got deleted by mistake. I took the opportunity to update the information a little in the process.

Protecting Your Asheron’s Call Account” covers basic steps for keeping your account information safe. I also explain the process of changing your Passport’s Email Address as well as how to go about reclaiming a hijacked Asheron’s Call account.

[B]Editorial Note[/b]: This column presents very good guidelines on keeping your account information safe from unscrupulous individuals. As our readers may know, we are currently hosting a very important poll on behalf of the entire Asheron’s Call community as a result of this year’s ACPL. For this poll’s entries to be qualified, we are soliciting Passport IDs. We are treating this information in a very sensitive manner, and our readers can rest assured that their information is kept safe.

As Ophelea mentioned in her original news posting, WarCry is an incorporated entity, and therefore has a vested interest in keeping your data safe. We’re really not looking for lawsuits here, folks – just an expansion pack for AC1.

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