_Abyssal_ says: You can’t remove Plaques put on high hooks.
Ibn responds: Confirmed. We’ll try to get that fixed for October.

Cwb73 asks: I’m having a hard time in seeing the difference between white and pink. Can you make the color a bit brighter please?
srand responds: We’re working on getting better visible distinctions between the various types of players, especially on the radar, but it wasn’t ready for inclusion in this update.

Lilkinsly asks: Could things dyed White please actually look White?
Scenario responds: How white things can get when dyed white all depends on the palette used. Some palettes are capable of achieving a brighter white than others.

Reapist asks: Is the acid attack by Olthoi a missle or melee attack?
Ibn responds: the olthoi acid attack is a melee attack.

Bradshaw-WE asks: any decision of whether we will be able to tinker hilts or hilt tinkered weapons?
Ibn responds: Sorry, no plans currently. We had discussed allowing some but not all tinks (such as allowing you to remove race req or rank req from bandit-hilted weapons) but no solid plans.

Fwh-Ivan asks: How hard would it be to allow Monarch’s to log in to the game and type a simple command like @Allegiance_tree and have a file exported to their AC directory with a full and complete tree of the Allegiance they are in charge of?
Ibn responds: This is something that we’d really like to do, along with a number of other allegiance upgrades. However it requires a reworking of a lot of the allegiance code so no ETA unfortunately.

And last but not least:

Klink asks: Any chance we could learn how Quid Raids were triggered?
Orion responds: It’s been stated before, I’ll state it again. We’re not telling.

Grr… that darn Orion! *shake fist*
Oh, well, until next time… see ya on the boards!

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