Asherons Call: Jacinth’s Journal: Geraine


For a race of mortals, we Isparians are rather fond of throwing around the idea of eternity. Architects erect great palaces and temples that they claim will stand till the end of time, while poets write countless sonnets to their paramours stating that their love will endure forever. However, it’s because we’re mortal that our perspective on eternity is somewhat limited. After all, how can an individual who, good health and fortune willing, will live only a century truly comprehend the full weight and importance of such an immeasurable period of time? What sort of person could comprehend? Perhaps in the ancient history of Auberean, we may find an answer in the person of Prince Geraine.

Thousands of years ago, the kingdom of Dericost was among the three mightiest, if not the mightiest, nations of this world. But all the power and wealth in the land was not enough to solve the dilemma facing Geraine III, King of Dericost. His only son, Geraine IV, was a frail lad, weak in body and ever weighted down with illness, but no balm, whether medicinal or magical, could heal him. It was possible that the boy would never even live to ascend to Dericost’s throne, but in these dark times, the most unlikely of saviors appeared.

A group of Falatacot, the race of priestesses and seers from far to the north, had arrived in Dericost seeking asylum from some unspeakable cataclysm that had overtaken their lands. King Geraine agreed to grant their request on the condition that the priestesses would cure his son of the illness that plagued him. The priestesses said that they could cure the boy, but doing so would come at a great cost: In order to stave off death, the prince would have to sacrifice his life. It was in this manner that Geraine IV became the Firstborn in the long line of Dericost’s undead.

Though Dericost eventually fell to the swords and spells of invaders, it, like its prince, endured, and throughout the next several millennia, whenever danger befell what remained of his kingdom, Geraine would, in one way or another, make his presence felt. When several Dericost undead sided with the Hopeslayer during the first Shadow War, Geraine appeared at Ayn Tayan to strike the traitors down. When a cult of elemental mages sought to harness the Blood of the World, he put them down as well. Even as he fell into deep slumber, gathering and maintaining his energies for the day when they would once again be needed, Geraine’s most trusted advisors, Lady Aerfalle and Lord Rytheran, saw to it that his influence continued to be felt among his unliving subjects.

By all accounts, Geraine remains in that slumber to this day, though in that time he has hardly remained inactive. Recently, when we drove away an invasion led by the Ancient Olthoi Queen, it was Aerfalle and the enigmatic Amauxi who, acting in their prince’s stead, aided us in sealing the caverns behind them, preventing a second such invasion from taking place. In light of such things, one cannot help but believe that, as such a young people both individually and as a whole, we Isparians so have a rather naive and limited interpretation of eternity. Temples may crumble and emotions may die, but one thing upon this world does seem to exist beyond the ravages of time: Throughout the countless eons of Auberean’s history, the reign of Prince Geraine of Dericost has remained, and remain it might until the very stars fall down from the heavens.

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