This week, Jacinth examines legendary macer Mi Krau-Li, who proves that while use of a mace in Dereth may be dead, it’s not necessarily a bad thing:

It’s astonishing how will and strength of spirit can triumph over the most formidable of challenges, even bodily death. Just look at Mi Krau-Li. An earlier arrival to this island, Krau-Li was among the same league of legendary heroes as Ben Ten and Lilitha. He specialized in the use of the mace and other club-like weapons, and his singular goal appeared to be to create the finest jitte ever wielded. Krau-Li pursued this goal so intensely that he focused all his energies into it, eventually disappearing from public life, and much like the other heroes of his day, his name slowly faded from memory and into fable.

But it would not remain that way for long. Years after his disappearance, Mi Krau-Li reemerged, and while his body had succumbed to some unknown demise, his will endured. Even in a dead, desiccated form, he remained obsessed with crafting the perfect jitte. To this day, Krau-Li remains in his makeshift workshop in an ancient crypt far beneath the sands of Dereth, occasionally reaching a new milestone in his research and sharing with any willing to find him the new weapons that were his life and un-life’s work.

An old Gharu’ndim proverb says, “Death is the one obstacle for the truly determined and devoted”. It appears that here on Dereth, even that obstacle is proving minor.

For more on Mi Krau-Li (and his weapons), check out our Mi Krau-Li’s Jitte quest walkthrough.

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