In our latest weekly feature here at WCoD, we present brief excerpts from the journal of our resident sage and expert in the ways of Dereth, Jacinth the Loremaster. In this debut edition, Jacinth briefly recaps the history of a legendary weapon that has recently come back to prominence, the Silifi of Crimson Stars:


It was a weapon of war forged to foster peace. Looking to bring order to the lands of the Gharu’n, Malika Ladriya bint Daum called into her presence three significant individuals: The warrior Tamsah ibn Jaidah, the weaponsmith Raya al-Darikil, and the enchanter Jamiz ibn Ismak. Al-Darikil was commanded to forge a weapon that ibn Jaidah would carry into battle–namely a silifi, or Gharu’ndim war axe, the finest of its kind ever seen in the desert kingdom. For his part, ibn Ismak was told to enchant gems to fit into the haft of the weapon, imbuing it with the power to protect and aide its wielder, and so he was given five magnificent rubies, each named for one of the five great red stars that shine down on the lands of Ispar each night, upon which to work his arts. Thus was born the Silifi of the Crimson Stars, perhaps the most celebrated weapon in Gharu’ndim legend.

The Silifi made its way here to Dereth in the hands of Wari al-Sha’im, where it was once again put to use in the service of order. Sadly, the warrior eventually found a foe even he could not defeat, and he met his death (though, it must be said, not his end), and the Silifi was broken, its gems scattered to the corners of Dereth and seemingly lost forevermore. However, it would not remain so for long; with the help of a fallen Haebran warrior, adventurers located the remains of the weapon and sought to restore it to some semblance of its legendary power. Even now, a mysterious man seeks to further repair the blade, infusing it with the very power of darkness. For it is on the darkest of nights that stars shine their brightest.

For more on the Silifi, check out its Encyclopedia entry and quest writeup.

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