Konbanwa! The name’s Faulkon, and I just wanted to introduce myself to all you reader-type folk, seeing as I’m part of the crew now.

I must say I’m honored to be working alongside such great people like Ophelea, Zenaph, and everyone else here (if I wrote down everyone’s name, this’d be real long and stuff. Not what I’m going for here. You understand). I’m working as the new Librarian, and I’m gonna be assisting Zen in organizing the Lore section, it seems. Will I be busy? I dunno. I hope so, though! I wanna do stuff for my favorite AC site!

I look forward to working on the Library, and hopefully I won’t screw up anytime soon. Heh…not that I actually INTEND to screw up or anything. Really. Honestly!

Uh, by the way, you moderators keep backup data for the site, right? No reason, just asking…*whistles innocently*

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