Kwip passed this along..

Kwip here, from NeenerNeener.Net. We’ve gone through some minor changes over at N3 lately, working on paying for servers and all that fun stuff. I really appreciate everyone’s offers of chipping in their own cash, but I think we’ll be fine. We’d love to make a living off of N3, don’t get me wrong, but we’re happy just to have a place to be try and be funny.

However, if you want to help us, there’s a very excellent way you can – pledge to either myself or Phil in the upcoming Walk for Diabetes. I’m proud that we can offer cheap laughs to everyone, and all I ask in return is that if we’ve brought you a laugh, please contribute to this great cause.

Yes, I know, I’m always pestering you guys about one cause or the next, but I want the world to see gamers as more than just how the media portrays us.
I’m very proud that I’ve had a lot of luck getting you guys to support the N3 team in the MS Walk and now in the Diabetes Walk. The money you give us might not get you a free month of gaming or anything slick like that, but it could help to improve someone’s life – and that’s the best xp/phat lewt there is.

If you can help (even a few dollars!),

Sponsor Kwip or Sponsor Phil

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