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I Just Don’t Trust Them
11-12-03 – Kwip

I think my mules are secretly plotting to kill me.

Death says, “Secretly?”

Hrmph. I swear, I dropped probably about a million Deadlies on one of my mules yesterday. Today? Gone. I’m not sure what they’re doing with them, and frankly, it’s got me a little weirded out. I keep expecting them to be setting up ambushes for me around the allegiance mansion. I figure I’ll walk into a room some day and be pierced by a few hundred of my own arrows in some sort of Kato-Clouseau-esque ambush.

I’m also fairly certain when I drop armor pieces off on my mules, they take them away and punch holes in them, or replace them with paper-mache duplicates. I dropped armor that I swear was all al 200+ on them the other week, and I go in there today and it’s all like al 25.

Head on over to Kwips Corner and get the rest of the conspiracy theory…

“NO NO!! Don’t go there!! It will only confuse you go read something about the Bunnies of Dereth instead…”

The Editors of WCoD would like to appologize for that interuption. Apparently one of our Mules got hold of the microphone there for a moment. Everything is fine now, and the Mule has been locked in the basement of the Mansion where he belongs…

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