Asherons Call: Kwip’s “Mind If I Vent A Little?”


imageKwip’s “Mind If I Vent A Little?”

“What a crazy few days it’s been. For starters, we’re excited about the prospect of this whole NeenerPalooza ?05 (N305 – yeah, went back to the old name – that was actually a typo anyway). It’s not going to be a Con, and not really a full-fledged party. It’s going to be a “Gamers Social.” If you’re
in the area, mark your calendars now for April 16th at 10am til 10pm. I don’t really know what we’re going to have yet, but the cover charge will likely be $5 (proceeds going towards our team’s fundraising in the MS Walk, of course). We WILL have some prizes to give away/raffle off/auction – and hopefully we’ll
have even more companies than Mythic, Turbine and Monolith stepping forward to help us. Yeah, that’s right Blizzard, now would be a GREAT time to drop me an email?”

Help Kick MS( http://www.neenerneener.net/index.php?p=66 )

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