Asherons Call: Leafcull Scavenger Hunt Today

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At exactly 5:00pm EDT, we will begin handing out an item that contains your first set of instructions. There will be ten locations with ten clues which will ultimately lead you to (the super sexy) Sweet Destiny.

Once you receive your first item go to where the clue leads you. There will be items on the ground by our volunteers at each clue destination. PICK UP ONLY ONE ITEM at each destination. Proceed to where that clue tells you until you have all ten items. Then scurry to where the last clue leads you and open the trade window with Sweet Destiny.

The first person to open a trade window and put in all ten items with Sweet Destiny will be our winner. The second, third, fourth and fifth place winners will be determined by Madaster Mage and Flandamier. They will have an archway of flags for people to run through determining the order in which they arrive at the secret last place. Once it is verified that these people do infact have the ten items, our winners will be announced.


This is a single event, however if you wish to work with someone that is your choice. Be aware that only one person will receive the reward.

No one is to leave the Meeting Hall until the word is given. If you portal out too early, you will be disqualified.

During the course of the scavenger hunt if you are seen to pick up more than one item you will be disqualified.

Have fun and meet lots of silly people

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