Asherons Call: Little Weekend Q&A


Buk_mt asks: Who decided the colors on the new Shadow Armors? They don’t seem to match?
Orion-Turbine: Actually you can squarely point the finger of blame over the color of the Upgraded versions of GSx at yours truly. Black and Gold just look nice together and so I adjusted each piece to have the same color and shading. Each piece matches to exactly data wise. The only bit that made me a little sad was not being able to get the solid black shoulders on the Amuli, but then the midnight blue looks pretty cool and gives it the third color as well.

tyn states: Congrats to srand on her becoming Producer for AC1!
srand: Thanks, guys. I’m not actually producer yet, but I will be moving into that position sooner or later. You’ll be seeing a Letter to the Players with some more info as we get closer to that time. I’m very excited about this opportunity, and about the future of AC. We’ve got some amazing times ahead of us. *grin*

Dethnoble asks:(summarized) Would it be possible to get at a minimum a generic answer to our questions? We post them and often feel as if they’re not even read.
sharked: You do have some good suggestions here Dethnoble, but, unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of posts directed at the developers each week. We do read almost every post, but, alas, we do not have the time to answer each post, no matter how small the response. Also, we do not want to spoil any surprises that are under development, or hint at adding something in the future if we are not 100% sure that it will make it into the game. Rest assured, your posts ARE being heard, and sometimes discussed.

Maddy asks: Rumors running wild? Is there an AC1.5 coming?
srand: Someone was a bit confused, I’m afraid. There’s been a lot of rumors lately, but I can categorically say that we are not at this time planning either an expansion pack or a major graphics engine overhaul. And no, we most certainly do not have an expansion pack in closed internal beta. *sigh*
srand later: We are certainly aware of the interest. And if the opportunity presents itself in the future, we will certainly consider it. However, the opportunity is not presenting itself right now, and we do not currently have any plans for an expansion pack

Mishima Kazuya postualate: (Regarding XP Levers) Doesn’t it strike anyone else as interesting that they are TESTING THIS TECHNOLOGY??? Let’s put a lever in that let’s you get XP with a pull….If it doesn’t crash the Test server.. where do you expect it will show up very soon after?
srand: These are levers that we use when we need to level a non-admin test character. Admins behave differently than non-admins in some situations, so much of our internal testing is done on non-admins — and if we need a level 50 to test a quest, for instance, we create one of these levers with an admin and give it a couple of pulls with the non-admin. So these are not new items, and we didn’t create them for the purpose that we are currently using them for. *grin* That’s why they only give 1 million xp, why they don’t have a level limit, and also why we suspect that they themselves may be causing some server issues — they were never meant to be used en masse on a live world

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