Asherons Call: Long Overdue Q&A


Chukonu asks: Will we ever get a tool to change out the new shards from GSX?
Orion-Turbine: At this time we have no plans to add such a tool.

-M- asks: Any plan to fix the Hea Raider’s Cache? The Hea Raider’s Cache had an inscribe and STILL has this inscribe, stating something like: “Your skill or my keys are the only way to enter” — Hea Karenua. This indicated to me that the dev team intended to revisit this later and make it pickable again.
Orion-Turbine: While we have talked about making changes to this, it’s not something that we have listed as a high priority at this time.

Televangelist asks: Why are Sunflowers spawning?
srand:Right now, sunflowers can be found in the plains and deserts, and snowflowers can be found in mountainous areas. We may add more flowers in the future, but it’s not a high priority for us. *grin*

knowone201 asks: When did the Olthoi arcade have a exit to Direlands?
srand: *smirk*

Magnus_Set asks: Why does the Snowglobe not drop on death?
srand: The snowglobe is bonded, which means that it does not drop on death.

srand states (regarding Zyrca’s Soapbox): Zyrca’s Soapbox is the first I’ve seen that could actually be feasibly accomplished in two weeks (even leaving aside training time). Good job, Zyrca. And more later: I was making the assumption that all set-up and training for whatever type of task you were attempting had been magically handled ahead of time. That was an assumption I was making, mind you, not one that I think was implied in Ophelea’s directions. Anyway, I didn’t mean to imply that the wildly infeasible laundry lists were a bad thing — and yes, Trai, we have been reading them — just that it was refreshing to see a short, feasible list. I had been approaching this as an exercise in restraint — if you *only* have two weeks, what would you choose to do with it, what is most important to you — but it is an unrealistic scenario to start with. I will say, though, that if anyone here thinks we can implement allegiance wars in a couple of days … well, they’re going to be disappointed. *grin* In Zyrca’s case, it would probably take two to three days to do the text tags, and the rest of thetime to do the code side of the multi-buff spells. The content side of the spells would need to be left for our data integrator.

Ivory asks: Could we have a) tinkering titles and b) multiple titles?
srand: Right now it is not possible for characters to have multiple titles. This is, however, something we have thought about adding if time permits

Hamlet the mage asks: Are there any plans to impliment a new subscription field, namely a way to sucribe to all ac’s ac1, ac1 dm, ac2 for one flat rate? i was thinking $15 or so would be fair. If this was implemented i would go for it and play both games. as it stands now im well split; and it looks like ill stay with ac1.
srand: This sort of question ultimately falls to our publisher, Microsoft. To the best of my knowledge, they are not currently considering such a plan — but to be certain, you should probably ask them. :>

Trai asks: Are you ever going to fix drain stamina/mana? Both spells are effectively useless and have been so since the nerf to drain health
srand: We have plans to bring the other two types of drains into line with drain health. But that means that we have to add stamina/mana drain resistance, which is not quite trivial, and so it hasn’t happened yet. It will happen, though.

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