Lackland Greystaff sends us another piece of sad news, this time from Thistledown.

Titan’s Warrior
Titan’s Wraith
and in another game Titans mage.

As some of you know Titan was missing on us since last friday. He was expected at a quest that morning and did not show up. We had hoped for a computer problem or isp problem. When Titan had not shown up on Sunday I phoned his number and got his answering machine. Having still not heard from him yesterday evening I called again. This time I got his daughter. The person behind the characters above passed away sometime Friday morning at his computer. His family had found him not long before my call. His daughter last spoke with him thursday afternoon. Ally members had spoken with him Thursday evening.

He is sorely missed by all.

Our thoughts, prayers and condolensces go out to his family and friends…May he Rest in Peace.

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