Asherons Call: May Z Forze Be Wiz You

This article is over 54 years old and may contain outdated information

Ze clan wiz ze mozt high ranking playerz (mai non?) would like uz to join zhem in zelebrating zheir sucezz.

Just wanted to let you know the Clan Z over on FF (Monarch is Zuizide) just got rank 10 for 156 of its members (I believe this is the largest number of rank 10’s in a single clan). Boosting the largest clan and chain on FF (run by Sprawl) with over 300+ members, everyone in the chain over level 100 has rank. You can see our website at to verify our list if you would like.

Congratulationz on your accomplizhment! You can alzo view zheir Guild Hall lizting here.

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