Asherons Call: More Information on the Gaerlan Quest Update


We currently plan on increasing the amount of XP that you get by handing in a sword, but adding a quest flag to the interaction such that you can only turn in one per week. In addition we are changing the rewards such that 126s will get an appropriate XP award.

We weren’t able to work in a second tier of weapons at this time, unfortunately.


The way that it currently works is broken. Very broken, not in a good way. It’s possible to level a character who has never played to level 126 through Sword turn ins. This was never the intention behind the sword’s xp reward component.

It’s been a long standing bug that is being fixed.


Based on the feedback in this thread, a bunch of us sat down and discussed the changes we were planning on making to the sword turn-in. We revised our plans based on the feedback we received above.

Here’s what we’re looking at now:

  • Starting in June, you will need to be part of a group that kills Gaerlan to get a sword. That part can’t be skipped anymore.
  • The sword is still droppable and giveable.
  • The sword can be turned in once per day. The XP award is not being changed, although the reward for 126+ is being improved.
  • Important: It is no longer necessary to have done the Gaerlan quest to turn in a sword.

In the end, we don’t want to kill the value of the Iasparilaun as a tradeable item. But at the same time, we do want to eliminate the ability to trade in an arbitrary number of swords all at once. We think that this is a good compromise, but we’re interested in hearing what you think.

All of this was originally planned to be published in the Letter to the Players at the beginning of next week, but we can talk about it now as well.


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