Ibn posted:

The Singularity Scepters, like all Slayer weapons, are intended to be niche weapons. Very good against Virindi, but not better than loot weapons against standard monsters.

Right now for, say, your average level 120 war mage, the USS is about as effective as a CS or CB caster against non-Virindi. Against Virindi its damage over time is about 75% higher than the same CS or CB weapon. So you’ve got a quest weapon that’s as good as an imbued loot weapon against most creatures, and MUCH better against Virindi. So why bother with loot weapons ever again?

With the changes, the USS is about 23% less effective than an imbued wand for that average level 120 war mage. But it’s still 19% more effective than that imbued wand against Virindi. That’s the goal. It’s also more effective than an unimbued loot wand.

It is interesting to see all the posts about how the Devs obviously hate mages, considering that in recent months with the addition of better war crits and the first talks about improving war damage at low levels, many people posted how it was obvious that the Devs love mages and hate everyone else.

Is that we think Mages should never do more damage? No… higher-damage weapons, including casters, are in the works.

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