[i]Yeah, I guess more people would actually know of my stories if I sent these things out, huh? I blame it on a crazy drunken binge involving vodka and turkey stuffing!

Anyway, there’s a couple of stories on N3 that I didn’t let anyone know about yet, so here ya go: First, some fun with that CURSED Nuhmudira dungeon (which I STILL haven’t finished.)

Then some zany hijinx with my mage. Did you know that level 26 isn’t really god-like? It’s funny how assumptions ruin your life: [a href=”http://www.neenerneener.net/absolutenm/anmviewer.aspa=511&z=10] http://www.neenerneener.net/absolutenm/anmviewer.aspa=511&z=10[/a]

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