Asherons Call: My Two Weeks at Turbine, Part #24


Well, we’ve reached four-and-twenty – but we’re not talking about avian wildlife in a crisp pastry case. No, we’ve reached the 24th submission in the “My Two Weeks at Turbine” series! Today’s soapbox is courtesy of Lugian Warlord, and covers a whole host of ideas, from new and more varied spells to fresh and more interesting shirts, and a fair bunch in between!

The more intelligent monsters will realize how powerful your character is and will think twice about engaging in combat first, though they will defend themselves if provoked. Basically, relatively wimpy monsters will leave you alone. Monsters that act on instinct will still attack as normal. However, monsters that decide to leave you alone won’t just stand there. they’d begin to buff themselves as best they can to prepare their defenses. Crystal Minions would be replaced by ‘Small Crystal Golems’ – much like the ones seen on Marae that scream ‘Blood’. The Crystal Lord could summon these repeatedly throughout a conflict.

The entire soapbox can be found here – make sure you take a look!

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