Turbine has been hard at work creating new quests, and putting spins on old ones. Fellow Derethians … Come forth and set of on new adventures:

1) Aun Golem Hunters: Kill five golems as per each Aun NPC and receive your reward.

2) Burun Bunker: Rewards you with armour, a ring and XP.

3) Tusker Assault: Bring down the Painbringer for a special staff and keys to untold treasure.

4) Diplomat and Philanthropist Titles: Tired of being a Gardener Weeder? Try your hand at these cool new titles.

5) Drudge Championship Belt: Dreams of making it in the WWE fall short? Not here in Dereth … Sport this belt with pride 🙂

Many other new additions and updates can be found in our Patch Tree.

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