Asherons Call: New Dev Q&A Posted


Detector ask:Will the new Margul actually fly?

Scenario: As people have already mentioned, we cannot create a creature that can truely fly due to how our combat and physics systems work. However, we can do our best to make them fake it

Ibn: And let me chime in here that these guys fake it really well . Scenario had one leaping over a long distance and it looked terrifying .

Sorcerer ask:Where oh Where Can I buy ACDM?

Ibn: quote: Originally posted by Nauscicaa Once the transfer form Microsoft to Turbine has been finished expect it to be available again.

Hopefully it should be sooner than that.

cindel ask:I mean no matter how crowded it gets in MP I have yet to be portaled out due at a portal storm, so is it even possible? And if not could you guy either make it possible to be portaled out, or shut off that very annoying graphic and sound effect?

Ibn: Removing this from Marketplace is on my suggestions list. It’s low-priority because it could require a lot of engineering work, but it’s on there.

UA Klutz ask: While I dont think it is worth the devs putting a lot of effort into it, it would be nice if the NPC’s were a little more interactive.

Ibn:I don’t believe shopkeepers could do this when most of them were first added to the game, but I think they can do this now. I’ll suggest that as shopkeepers are added or modified, that we give them a little more personal touches like this.

Insane Kitty ask: Are the bloody footprints ever going to wash away? S ince it has been quite a while since the Gsx armorers were killed, by now BZ’s bloody footprints should have washed away..

Ibn: Some crimes are so heinous that no amount of wear and tear can remove them from the world.
I say that off the cuff, of course. At this point I doubt we would remove them without some specific in-game incident relating to them. They are a part of Dereth’s history.

Insane Kitty ask: Upgrade to some archmages? It would be nice to see all mages stock up to pyreal scarabs and all peas.

Ibn: It’s something we’ve definitely discussed, you may start seeing some changes like this soon.
[p] Ivanhoe ask: Can we get eta on jump sploits??

Ibn: We are always investigating solutions to the issue, but finding a good one that doesn’t make things worse as opposed to making them better has proven to be very difficult

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