Asherons Call: New Fan Fiction

This just arrived on a site called Polymath’s Blade. But don’t be satisfied with the word math in the title scaring you, check out Misadventures of Enishi Yukishiro 1.

Day in the Swamp

Never play patch day. This is the oldest wisdom. I’m not much for wisdom, which is why I found myself knee deep in the swamp on patch day. Somebody made a vague mention of treasure and I was running to Sawato before they finished speaking. I made quite a sight, slamming my head into the walls of the temple I found in the middle of nowhere. Eventually I found my way through to the dungeon proper and found… quite a little party.

Does it sound to you as if the would be better titled “How Not To Solve A Quest”? Well, I guess we’ve all had Patch Days like that, haven’t we? Go check it out, it’s an entertaining read.

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