Abin’s view
John Kovacich’s adventures
This and That
AC at the Crossroads

He told me he was trapped and in this place that is bad news for a mage. The Assaulters hit hard. Fortunately both of us had a good supply of gems so we could remove the Tuskers Gift. I have over a pack of gems I carry myself.

I had two Monkeys in front of me. I could not see Abin on my screen or get a visual sighting of him. The way the Tuskers were running around one pillar I was sure he was behind it.

I cleared my battle and raced to his rescue. He looked in total defensive mode by then, healing and draining. I quickly targeted the ones he had vulned and started clearing. After getting them down to three I cleared his back while he started blasting those in front.

Portal on over and read it all!!

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