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The run was smooth. I have the 80+ Tusk dungeon down pat now. There were two spots I was making an error on before. The layout of the dungeon forced me back in the proper direction so I never saw my error. When hunting with someone else there, I discovered my errors. So now I have less chance of getting trapped, and the run is very fast.

I was in the Tusk room itself, and fighting to clear it. All but two of the Tuskers were dead. I went into freeze mode. I could see allegiance text. Ever so often I heard the Tuskers grunt. I would see damage when they hit me, not at all common, but it happens.

Death Mute is my lowest level player, other than the new Salvage mules. At 82 he just got so he can come to the 80+ dungeon. Still, he has fair melee defense and a shield, so this was a problem, but not the deadly situation that it would be with one of my mages.

I yellow linked a few times and went back to green. Finally I started to red link and was kicked. I was sure I died and would have to make a long run and fight to recover the body.

My thoughts were, “This could not happened in a worse spot.” Of course later, cooler thinking had me thinking otherwise. Sure, it was a hard to get to spot. Nevertheless it could have happened during the run or right after I had hit a trap.

Then there is the run itself. The Tusker island it a bad place to die when outside. As long as you are running it is ok, but if you stop, you can be overwhelmed with all sorts of nasty critters.

Yes, this was a bad spot, a hard to run to dungeon and a very hard to get to place inside it. Still, I had a chance to live. My back was to the wall and my shield was well placed and there were only two Tuskers left. It is likely that anyplace else would have made it a sure death.

So as bad as the spot was, I was later grateful for the timing. I logged in with about half health and no Tuskers to fight. The bodies I had killed were still there, so I grabbed the Tusk and ported out.

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